desbunde: debauchery: exile: naïve: vulgar: archaic: fragile: close: intimate: common: to build a physicality starting from the cu, the anal orifice: the ass’s epistemology at play: parody: three basic grounds: learn that the hole exists: learn to go towards the hole: learn from and with the hole.

60 min | + 18. Contains nudity.


andrez lean ghizze

caio cesar

dani barra



luiz gustavo

marine sigaut

rosangela sulidade

teresa moura neves

Littlemonkeys was conceived by Caio, Mavi Veloso and Yang Dallas during an artistic residency at  Núcleo  do  Dirceu  in  Teresina  (PI).  The  project  was  born  in  2011  as  an  intervention  on  the  Piauí Museum.  There  were  also  some  developments  in  2013  during  the  Jardim  Equatorial  Art  Residence  at COMO-clube, in São Paulo (SP). In 2014, Littlemonkeys was performed inside the installation Modelo Vivo at  Galeria  Vermelho  during  the  10th  edition  of  VERBO  Performance  Festival,  following  an  invitation  of Fabio  Morais;  that  same  year,  it  took  part  on  the  22nd  Festival  Mix  Brasil  de  Cultura  da  Diversidade  at Centro Cultural Säo Paulo, setting a new record of attendance over the festival’s 22 years of existence.

The  work  gained  notoriety  and  surprising  media  repercussion  from  unexpected  viral  sharing online  –  content  available  at There  are  thousands  of  comments  and discussions on national and international websites, institutional profiles on Facebook, quotes on TV shows, websites and blogs, and over a million views of one of the official videos on Vimeo. In 2015, Littlemonkeys was  presented  at  Mostra  Sesc  Cariri  de  Culturas  at  Juazeiro  do  Norte (CE).  This  presentation  generated  a  second  wave  of  viral  discussions  on  the  internet,  this  time  on  a complaint  intent,  questioning  the  legitimacy  of  public  cultural  funding,  which  in  contrast  brought  along manifestations  of  several  media  profiles  in  support  of  artistic  events  boosting  discussions  on  archaic taboos related to body, nudity, cultural productivity, etc.


Five  other  presentations  were  held  in  the  cities  of  Hamburg  and  Frankfurt  in  2016,  part  of  the Projeto Brasil festival in Germany. We also elaborated a performance-lecture by Mousonturm’s invitation to debate  with  others  renowned  artists  from  the  festival. On  the  same  year, Littlemonkeys was  also performed at Barroquinha, an ancient church turned into cultural space, as part of the IC10 – Encontro de artes   at   Salvador   (BA);   the   full   performance   video   can   be   seen   at (password: macasalvador). Presented in 2017 at Wien Festwochen and Lote in São Paulo. Four presentations were held at KunstenFestivaldesArts in Brussels, in May 2018.



kampnagel, frankfurt, 2016

Brazilian artists and public art institutions are recently facing a wave of right-wing protests across the country.

Conservative forces are attacking culture, depicting public funded art as something that has to please or represent the majority,

while new censorship laws and legislations that may restrict artistic freedom are discussed.


"Art & Populism – Brazilian arts under attack", theme discussed at Kunsten FestivalDesArts 2018 



Also made part of this project: Ana Carolina Pires, Alzira Incendiaria, Carolina Castanho, Gui Godoy, Serguei Dias, Mavi Veloso,

Rafael Amambahy, Yang Dallas, Yuri Tripodi.


Thanks  to: Núcleo  do  Dirceu,  COMO_clube,  Fabio  Morais,  Casa  Amarela,  Gustavo  Saulle,  Casa  do Povo, Casa da Luz, Lote.

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